Claudia Lara is a Though Leader, Personal Empowerment, Energy Healer and Spiritual Life Mentor, she helps individuals expand to a better version of themselves bringing more freedom, happiness and the feeling of abundance.
After raising to a position as a CEO of an international company servicing over 48 countries, traveling the world and accomplishing many things in her life she still had a sense of “is this all there is? Is this what life is all about? That voice inside, guided her to do many studies of self discovery, personal development including attending over 6 years of University Level studies of the Human Energy Field. She also met and study with varied spiritual teachers searching for what really move us as human beings. As Claudia discovered her passions and meaning of life, she found that there is a better way of living, an easier way to have what we really want and now is her passion to help others to stop the unnecessary suffering of stress, uncertainty, unwanted emotions, disease and grief and to find their true joy of living.
She believes that abundance and fulfillment starts with yourself and connecting with a deeper sense of who you are which she calls Your Joyful Center.